Vaginal Orgasm, Is It Myth Or Reality?

There has been a lot of controversies regarding vaginal orgasm, considering that some women have problems experiencing even the regular one. On the other hand, come claim that they have found miraculous G-spot and they managed to experience the vaginal orgasm, but who should we believe, if we have never had one to compare?
Through the years, women neglected this subject because no one expected from them to have a vaginal orgasm, until recently. With the flow of the internet, porn content became available to worldwide masses and now every guy expects from you to have a vaginal orgasm the moment he pokes you, just because he is under an influence of porn stars who scream their guts on screens.

From a scientific point of view, women can orgasm in two ways, through clitoral and vaginal stimulation. But, big roll plays your partner, whether he is experienced enough and will he dedicate you the right amount of attention and not just looking for a way to get himself off.
Vaginal orgasm is a type of an orgasm that is experienced through a vagina and clitoris isn’t involved, it is much more intense and stronger. Even though many experts claim that vaginal orgasm cannot be reached without the stimulation of the clitoris, some researchers have shown that is indeed possible and that they can experience it via penetration and masturbation.
The most important role plays the famous G-spot. It is widely known that this spot is located just a few inches from the entrance of the vagina, but not all women have it in the same place. It is of high importance to get to know your body well and you can accomplish that through masturbation.
Kegel exercises are highly recommended to enhance the sensitivity of that area when your muscles are firmer down there; it will be easier to locate your G-spot. Sex toys that are curved at one end are always a useful solution because you will find easier the place that you are looking for.

Even though G-spot is important for vaginal orgasm, it doesn’t have to be decisive. Some women are known to experience vaginal orgasm trough other parts of the vaginal channel. You should remember that not every woman has the same vaginal channel and during the time it becomes thinner, which may lead to more painful penetration during the intercourse and you will have to start using a lubricant.

Foreplay has a major part and does your partner has the ability to excite you properly. You should be fully open in your relationship and be free to discuss everything with him and this is probably the most important thing in your relationship.

    Riley Parrish